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Flooring Master

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Why Us - Our purpose

FlooringMaster emerged as the innovative solution for homeowners and businesses in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas who are unable to find quality and professional flooring service providers. FlooringMaster challenges the current way that ‘big boxes' and national flooring retailers treat the customers; we are committed to be the first choice for flooring projects by exceeding people expectations in terms of personalized service, professional project management, expert installation, and product choice, quality, and durability.

Throughout the years, we have learned that people ‘suffer' by not being able to find FlooringMaster; we realized that our competitors treat potential customers as simple mediums to generate more income and create profits (without adding value), instead of building long-term relationships and customers that would be happy to refer the company to their friends and family.

FlooringMaster understands the importance to have its personnel well trained and updated about the new methods and technologies available for the flooring industry; therefore, we partnered recognized and relevant associations that increase our expertise and knowledge, in order for us to be able to transfer it to our customers. We also strive to improve our customer service skills. We understand that people not only need a professional project manager that takes care of the project, but a potential friend that can be trusted and who is able to complete the project on time, on budget, and exceeding the expectations. We care about the feedback from our customers. And we love it! Our customers have shaped FlooringMaster with their comments, as we take them very seriously, and we act upon them.

FlooringMaster was created as a solution of a ‘need'. The management team should strive to keep and prolong our service to the community by ensuring that our activities produce profits, our stakeholders relations are in good standing, and the people of Tampa Bay and Orlando are able to find FlooringMaster!
Our Story - Flooring Master - Tampa - Apopka - Orlando, FL
Our Story - Flooring Master - Tampa - Apopka - Orlando, FL
Our Story - Flooring Master - Tampa - Apopka - Orlando, FL